Whether you’re planning your daily schedule, creating your to-do list, journaling, or planning a project, High Note non-dated formats offer a variety of options to suit every taste.


Weekly To-Do Pads • Size 9" x 7.5" 

It’s easy to organize the week with this handy desk pad. Similar in size to a mouse pad, it can be kept within easy reach on your desk or hanging on your refrigerator. Charming artwork borders the grids, simply adorned with the days of the week.

This format offers a variety of appealing designs, and is a simple way to plan out your weekly tasks. Available in 8 unique designs:

  • Non-dated

  • Magnetic hanger

  • 52 tear-off sheets

  • Sugg. U.S. retail: $9.99
    (Can. $12.99)


Personal Planning Notebooks • Size 6" x 8.25" 


Our personal planning notebooks combine planning with note-taking, and offer the perfect solution for someone who wants to be organized but does not want to commit to detailed daily planning. Task checkboxes, day-of-the-week planning, and a fill-in date reference make this a great tool to customize for your own organizational needs.

  • Textured cover with foil embellishment

  • Non-dated

  • 144 lined pages

  • Sugg. U.S. retail: $12.99 (Can. $16.99)


Vertical List Pads • Size 3.75" x 8" 


Unique designs and organic patterns comprise this assortment of vertical list pads. A fresh color palette and fun designs give this line an on-trend and contemporary feel. 

  • Non-dated

  • 85 tear-off sheets

  • Magnet included

  • Sugg. U.S. retail: $7.99 (Can. $9.99)